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Tent Services

Providing everything you need to host an outdoor event.


High Peak Pole Tents

High peak pole tents are used in locations where the tent can be staked and are supported by poles running down the middle of the tent. These tents are great for large events such as corporate events or weddings.     


We can offer pole tents in sizes ranging from

40x40 to 40x120 feet in length.  

Frame Tents

Frame tents can be staked or weighted and offer a solution for clients looking to have an open event area without poles in the center of the tent. Frame tents offer a sturdy foundation for a large or small event. These tents are offered in both white and clear top offerings. 

We offer pole tents in sizes ranging from

10x10 to 40x100.

IMG_1512 2_edited.jpg

Clear Top Frame Tents

Clear top frame tents offer a unique elegance to events. When paired with lighting these tents are a dream for weddings providing an upscale appeal to events. 

We offer clear top frame tents in sizes ranging from

40x40 to 40x80 feet in length. 

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